Sr. Accounts & Operations Executive : Amar

About you?

I am AMAR, presently working here as Sr. Accounts & Operations Executive and had joined the organization in Dec-2016 as Accounts Executive.

My secret behind the rapid growth in just 2.5 years at Safaltek is:-

  • • You can never get turned off, there is always something challenging happening and every day you’re coming across new learning opportunities.
  • • Company helped me to explore myself and think beyond my limits, leads an opportunity to lead the Operations Department in addition to Finance.

What does Safaltek do that makes it a place where people want to work?

  • • The company strives for a friendly, team-oriented atmosphere and provides a caring and supportive attitude to all employees.
  • • There is open communication within all levels of the organization.
  • • We are not micro-managed and that freedom makes us more responsible and productive.
  • • I believe that this firm is committed to the development and realization of my professional career goals and objectives.
  • • I have never had the feeling of being “just a number.” I feel the camaraderie in the office between all levels of members , which creates an energetic work environment where one can easily create and share new ideas.

What you like at Safaltek?

  • Members: – delighted to have surrounded by brainy peoples.
  • Culture: – we focus on results and continuous improvement.
  • Events and parties: – monthly events and frequent parties boost me up.