Fresher Profile: Raghav Sharma



We have had a few freshers join us here at Safaltek. We asked the first batch to write about their first two weeks at the company. Today, Raghav talks about his first few weeks at Safaltek.

Raghav It’s been a short time that I’ve been working with Safaltek. Till Now, it has been a good experience. I am thoroughly enjoying being here. A fresher in any company finds difficulty in adjusting to the work environment, but with the help of the cooperative work culture that persists here, and with my wonderful colleagues, I have been able to find my comfort zone. All the employees are very co-operative and always ready to help us whenever we face any difficulty. The training sessions we attended are very interactive and knowledgeable. I know it is very early to say as a fresher, but I am eagerly waiting for the task to be assigned to me related to my domain. I am hopeful that I will be assigned some work so that I can show my work to my seniors. I will again mention that the employees are very co-operative and hardworking and always ready to help us.