Fresher Profile: Mohit Behal

We have had a few freshers join us here at Safaltek. We asked the first batch to write about their first two weeks at the company. Today, it’s Mohit’s turn to tell us his first impressions.

Mohit Behal My experience with Safaltek has so far been very good. I had a good feeling when I was asked to join Safaltek. Safaltek is a really good company and the employees are very cooperative. Every Employee understands their responsibility and a positive environment is maintained in the company. Moreover, every employee is considered at same level, which helps new joinees to easily adjust in the company. Every senior is ready to help whenever required. I consider myself to be very lucky as I am working under very good managers.

I have learnt a lot of new things since i have joined the company. And also, the training sessions that i have attended so far were very knowledgeable. During training sessions, we have learned about different modules of OceanManager, a product developed and maintained here at Safaltek. Each module was explained in detail, and along with the reason behind adding particular module in OceanManager. Also we enjoy completing the task which are assigned to us by Neeraj Sir.

I also enjoy playing carrom with my colleagues as well. Our seniors encourages us to take part in physical activities including volleyball & Cricket. HR Team, which includes Nitika Ma’am, Sugandha Ma’am, and Tandeep Ma’am, are very helpful and caring.

I feel that it’s just the beginning, I am going to learn a lot more in near future.