Fresher profile: Aaina Trehan

We have had a few freshers join us here at Safaltek. We asked the first batch to write about their first two weeks at the company. Today, Aaina shares her impressions of interviewing with us, and what it feels like to work at Safaltek.

Aaina Trehan

As I always wanted to be in IT, it really gives me a great feeling working in IT park with a developed company like Safaltek. The day I entered the building for my interview, it gave a great feeling and somewhere a desire was formed to be a member of Safaltek family. When I got selected, it was the best feeling till now.

Safaltek has a great ambience and infrastructure. It is company from the outside, but a family from the inside. The atmosphere here is so united, positive, and passionate. HR Ma’am’s Nitika, Sugandha and Tandeep are very helpful and caring. I have never seen anybody since two weeks feeling stressed towards anything. Everyone is very friendly, and the best thing I found is everybody is equal here. That had really inspired me the most. Company works on marine project that is really very interesting.

Employee are very soft spoken that being a new comer I never feel hesitation talking to anybody. My RM Neeraj Sir looks aggressive, but he is totally opposite of that. He is very helpful, very soft spoken, and always takes care if there is some issue regarding anything. Tandeep Ma’am is the best person I found so far – she always welcomes and says goodbye to us with a big smile in the morning and evening for a good day. All RM’s are very helping and co-operative.

As there is always a fear and nervousness joining a company being a fresher, I never found such fear now. Cafeteria is a good place for relaxing and sharing ideas with colleagues. I really have very nice colleagues – very helpful and generous by heart. It’s a never ending topic sharing the experience.