Employee Profile: Dharmendra Pratap

We’re starting a new series of weekly posts where we profile Safaltek employees and ask them about their work and hobbies. Without further ado, here is the profile of Dharmendra Pratap.

Dharmendra Pratap profile photograph

Dharmendra Pratap is a Team Lead at Safaltek.

Who are you?

I joined Safaltek as a Software Developer on 14 Dec 2011, and now, after working 7 years, here I have been promoted to Team Lead. I am really enjoying the new roles and responsibilities that accompany my new profile at Safaltek.

Describe your role:

I wear many hats at Safaltek. I am:

  • The Team Lead for OceanManager, ¬†managing the Anglo Eastern accounts,
  • The module owner of the Audit System OceanManager, and
  • A Senior Developer/Team Lead on the OceanManager 4X team.

What is the most interesting part of your job at Safaltek?

The most interesting part of my job at Safaltek is the challenging role. Senior management provides you the opportunities, and if you are capable enough to handle these roles and responsibilities, then you are good here in terms of payment, opportunities, ownership, and promotions.

I also like the support from Managers and other departments related to tasks or the problem we faced in day to day life.

Also I am included in all types of conversation with clients so requirements are clear and no communication gap between both parties.

What is your most fun memory of working at Safaltek?

I have many fun memories at Safaltek of the monthly events and parties organized by management, like the Hawaiian themed party that we had last July. All team members participate in these activities. This improves the communication between employees and it creates positive environment at our working area. This type of environment also helps me in my day to day task management.

Describe your favourite project here.

My favourite project is OceanManager. I like its design of synchronization of data between source and destination. I also like Vessel Tracker, a module that shows us the current location and weather of a vessel at sea, which is very crucial data for any vessel, and offices who monitor that vessel, to have.