Human Resources Team Profile: Nitika Sharma

Who are you?

I am Nitika Sharma, and I work here at the HR Manager. I’ve been working with Safaltek since April, 2010, and have completed over 5 years now. I joined as HR recruiter, and got opportunities to grow and become a successful manager.

Describe your role

My day to day involves managing employee concerns, employee appraisals and performance reviews, managing our recruitment pipeline, and ensuring that  day to day operations within the company tun smoothly.

I started as recruiter, moved to Senior HR & Operations, and then to Assistant manager HR & Operations. Since October 2015, I have been the Manager of HR & Operations at Safaltek. I’ve been afforded a lot of opportunities for growth here.

What is the most interesting part of your job at Safaltek?

I’m in a very challenging role, and there’s room for growth within the company and there are always new things to learn. Fun filled atmosphere where employees work as family . Always get space to grow and to make decisions

Describe your favourite project here.

OceanManager, because it brings out the best in the employees who work on it.

What is your most fun memory of working at Safaltek?

All events have different fun memories but the recent event i.e. Safaltek 13th Annual Day Celebrations was the most fun filled event that I have attended. The fun, dance, music, and performances by our colleagues attracted each and every person available in the place.