Employee Profile: Anil Kumar

Name: Anil Kumar

Designation: Team Lead

Profile photo of Anil Kumar

Who are you?

I’m Anil Kumar. I’m from Shimla and attended RIMT in Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab where I earned an MCA.

Describe your role:

I joined Safaltek as Software Developer in 2012, and now, after working for 3 years here, I am a Team Lead. The role comes with new and challenging responsibilities, which I am enjoying a lot. I work on the Anglo-Eastern Ship Management account, and handle interactions with our clients. I am also working on separate product called Vestrak, our state of the art fleet tracking solution for the Maritime industry.

What is the most interesting part of your job at Safaltek?

The most interesting part is the different roles, and multiple responsibilities that I handle. Management provides you various opportunities and if you are capable enough to handle these then you can progress very quickly.

Everyone (including the CEO) helps all teams to understand the software design and code, and participates in the review and analysis of a real world problem.

Describe your favourite project here.

My favourite project is Vestrak. It is used to track ships in vast oceans in real time, and has many unique features, including providing weather forecasts (pressure, wind, swell, and significant wave height) and tropical cyclones around the world. This information is very important for planning safe passage across the ocean. It gives me a real vision and understanding of the world’s geography and the shipping industry.

What is your most fun memory of working at Safaltek?

Over the last few years, I have had many great memories at Safaltek of the monthly events, parties, and hill station outings. Everyone participates in these activities. This improves bonding between employees, and it helps to build positive attitude in Safaltek family members.